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    Главная » 2010 » Апрель » 14 » Дети-сироты России
    Дети-сироты России
    Open letter

        I, Syrkina Lyudmila A., born 21 December 1990, in Leningrad, am a round an orphan, I appeal to all people on the site. At the moment I have on hand with chest daughter born 17 January 2010, homeless and without means of subsistence, today I can't even pay a lump sum on the child, and monthly child care allowance paid only partially. But other means of existence I have because I round an orphan and single mother. In the Republic of Tuva, the Housing Department of Kyzyl, where I was, I categorically refused to provide any accommodation, explaining the reason for not having the ability to provide me with housing. Mr. Mayor of Kyzyl and President of Tuva otfutbolili I didn't even notice that I was pregnant. Sending me again in the Housing Department in which I again explained that social housing is not and will not be that funding for social programs, money for housing are not highlighted. Really want to ask, what tools and very soon, just a year, and the Mayor of Kyzyl and President of Tuva built multi-storey houses, whose prior to the entry for posts was nothing. Do they have, in the Republic of Tuva no funds from the budget to build at least hostel, like myself, for orphans. It seems to me that this would brick from Serbia, built on their fences and saunas with swimming pools. Seeing all their indifference, I couldn't not having a place to live and livelihoods, and even temporary registration and Kyzyl I didn't have to stay in the Republic of Tuva, where I had to spend the last time at construction sites, and sometimes even attics. For this reason I went to a friend in the city of Novosibirsk, district village Koltsovo, where we are with chest daughter until now and have to occupy in a small room. Is anyone, provide any effective participation in my fate and the destiny of a small child. Our only public, temporary registration ends. What to do and how do I do not know. Addressed to the President and the Chairman and the Government of Russia, there had sent a request to the Republic of Tuva, whence came the official response, where I once again explained that housing is not, and never will. Answer No. 1512 dated March 2010, who signed the head of the municipal housing stock N.V. cauldron, which had gained my problem that even requested a different name, calling Tatiana Nikolayevna. Of course, from the Government of Tuva and from the city authorities of the city of Kyzyl, misunderstanding and I did not expect, knowing their attitude towards people. They only have to stuff your pockets, nothing and nobody is interested in. Now even I don't know what to do and who I rely not on the street breastfed infant. I normally want to live, work, and to educate the young children and not be on the street, and doesn't have any chance my child stay an orphan. Today Koltsovo, Novosibirsk region, and getting not great, but effective help from simple and strangers, although to date me closest people who didn't leave me and not thrown into the street, of course it is insulting. Though the Government of Russia and talk about effective assistance to children orphaned, but to me it just slogans which become only sad and handcuffing unhappy. I just in despair, to whom I do not know. We, children orphaned as a thorn in the eye in our State, and for gosudarevyh officials with their cynical attitude towards us, leaves for us hopes to normal life. Can someone advise how we live, what happens in this situation, who can rely on to get at least a minimum, that promises to the State and guarantees us children orphans. With respect, Lyudmila Syrkina. Send mail to sluda90@mail.ru or call by phone. + 7 923-386-22-23, will be very wait.

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